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Deano's Jalapenos - Available in 7 flavors - 2.25oz

"The Newest and Most Unique Snack Food Available in the Universe"

The "Jalapeno Chip" was first crafted at The Cactus Cafe in Stowe, Vermont, by chef/owner Doehne (aka Deano) Duckworth. After many years in the kitchen working with all kinds of hot chile peppers, it occurred to him that everyone was trying to make their potato chips taste like jalapenos. Why not just use a real jalapeno! Deano's jalapenos are a great snack as well as a great addition to a salad, sandwich, or any other recipe you would like to spice up a bit. These chips are a delicious one of a kind snack food.

Try the Cheddar, White Cheddar, Ranch, or Sea Salt flavor today, or do yourself a favor and try one of each, you'll be glad you did. 2.25oz

For the heat seeker try the 20% Habanero Blend or the 20% Ghost Pepper Blend, each mixed with Deano's Cheddar Jalapenos for a fiery combination. 2.25oz

Price: $3.95


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