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Buffalo Bill's jerky

Buffalo Bill's Jerky is made from thin slices cut from a solid piece of meat. Buffalo Bills Jerky comes in five different flavors: Black Pepper, Cajun, Original, Sweet and Spicy, and Teriyaki--all have a slight sweetness.

Buffalo Bill's Jerky is honest snacks made with real meat and no filler. Buffalo Billís Beef Jerky products are made in the United States of America and made solely from US-raised beef.

Check out Buffalo Billís Extra Smokey Sticks. They offer a unique, heavy smoked beef stick with flavor in every bite. This is the heartiest beef stick on the market. The beef sticks are cold smoked for three days in an outdoor wooden smokehouse to create that flavor youíre sure to like.

Buffalo Billís Beef Jerky Chew is coarsely shredded and packed into a convenient pocket-sized can.

Buffalo Billís Venison Jerky comes in thin strips and is smoky flavored. Itís a great way to add variety to your jerky selection.

Buffalo Billís Western Cut Beef Jerky is made solely with whole muscle, US-raised beef, thin-sliced, a little dry, but still tender.

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